Nature Attractions & Parks to See in Singapore

We all want to visit as many amazing places as possible for some unforgettable memories. One of the most stunning holiday destinations in the entire world is without a doubt Singapore. Here, everything looks like it’s surreal. Keep scrolling in order to see the most wonderful natural attractions and parks you must not miss if visiting Singapore.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

This location is actually Singapore’s highest point. Bukit Timah is a not more and not less than a 164-hectare primary rain forest reserve, absolutely stunning. It is situated along Upper Bukit Timah Road, and the admission is free. The lovely reserve is a very popular spot during weekends. At Bukit Timah Nature Reserve you will have the chance to see very tall timber trees, huge ferns, as well as liana vines. Furthermore, the place also boasts of rich wildlife. All in all, take your children to this place in order to have a memorable trip.

Chinese & Japanese Gardens

Around 13 hectares are waiting to be explored by anyone who loves spending time outdoors. The most amazing section of these magical gardens is the Suzhou-styled penjing garden, which houses around 2,000 pots of penjing, and it is without a doubt a must for bonsai buffs. Across the Double Beauty Bridge tourists can enjoy the wonderful Japanese Gardens, which in our opinion are a lot more minimalist in terms of style. You can relax and contemplate in the serene gardens and have a walk on the pebbled pathways and around zig-zag bridges.

East Coast Park

This is the largest and the most popular park in Singapore. Visitors can go here for various activities such as water sports, cycling, rollerblading, and indoor golf as well. Facilities here include rest-rooms, sandy beaches, barbecue stations, holiday chalets, as well as plenty of shops and restaurants. In case you don’t know, Singaporeans absolutely love food, and their dishes taste amazing. Don’t forget t try spicy sambal stingray and satay. The East Coast Park is a must-see location for those who like being surrounded by nature.

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is the largest park in the entire world. It features not more and not less than 8,000 birds of more than 600 species. This park was founded in 1971, and it is managed today by Wildlife Reserves Singapore. There are plenty of tourists who now visit Singapore solely just to see this open-concept with its rare and stunning bird ensemble. Jurong is spread over an area of 202,00 sqm, and it is simply a heaven for bird watching aficionados with specialties that include African Waterfall Aviary, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, and the Lory Loft. The African Waterfall Aviary is in fact the largest walk-in aviary, and it stands out for both its exotic array of birds and the site of the tallest manmade waterfall in the world. All in all, this attraction of Singapore is not only absolutely stunning but also the perfect place to enjoy something that you don’t get the chance to see quite often.


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