A Guide to the Best Singapore Beaches

What could be more relaxing than just doing sunbathing and enjoying nice weather and crystal-clear water?! If this is what you want for your next holiday then we would like to show you in this article a few amazing locations where you will have a great time. Make yourself comfortable and continue reading this useful guide to the best Singapore beaches.

Palawan Beach

This is the most prominent beach in beautiful Singapore, and it is very popular due to its stunning Pirates of the Caribbean-style suspension bridge that links to a small yet amazing island. The Palawan Beach is situated right in the center of the southern tip of Sentosa. You will absolutely love its fine golden sand and crystal-clear water. There are palm trees everywhere that create an exotic atmosphere. The lively beach bars will definitely keep you refreshed to late evening. Keep in mind that once you arrive in Sentosa, you can either take the shuttle bus around the island to the beach, or simply walk.

Tanjong Beach

If you are looking for a beach where you can highly relax in the daytime, then you must certainly go to Tanjong Beach. Relaxation is guaranteed here due to the fact that its position is more secluded n the south coast of Sentosa. On the other hand, when the night comes things change a lot. The island becomes vibrant and with plenty of people who party until dawns. The best parties take place at Tanjong Beach Club, which provides more relaxed vibes in the day time. You will also find here a swimming pool, very comfortable sun-loungers, as well as an extensive menu of drinks.

Changi Beach

Changi Beach is considered to be one of the best Singapore beaches due to the fact that its sand is very fine and the water very clean and clear. Furthermore, this 28-hectare area is actually home to a long and narrow strip of sand and extremely-well preserved running and cycling lanes on the inside. The coastal park is excellent for fitness lovers, families, plane spotters, and you can also find several facilities for camping and barbeques.

St. John’s Beach

For an amazing experience in Singapore, take the ferry from World Trade Center to this wonderful beach. St. John’s Beach is one of the most popular outer-lying islands in Singapore. Several small beaches are absolutely great for swimming or picnic. If you want, you also have the possibility to rent a bungalow for one night or more.

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